Thursday, October 23, 2008

We voted!!

So we voted today. Took advantage of the early voting opps here in TN. We drove by the place at 10:15 and they opened at 10. The line was about 40 people. We ran errands and went about about 10:55 and the line was the same. It took us 50 min to get out of there. This was EARLY voting. Good thing I took a manuscript I need to review. Got in a good read. The weather was nice too.

The postcard I sent Bec in mid-Sept from Mexico arrived today. Talk about snail mail!!

This evening I walked the dogs. Bec has to be here to get the harness on Goldie since I can't ever get within diving distance of her. The walk was a disaster. Well it was ok until the end when both of them started zigzagging and I stepped on Goldie twice in trying not to fall down. It works better when Bec doesn't go.

Gotta love working at home!!

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