Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mexico pictures

So I hear rumors of people wanting to see picts, however I haven't gotten any comments or complaints. In the end, mi esposa made me put up pictures before I get out the chainsaw and cut down some trees this morning. The picts are in no order, but I'll put a slide show together to show cool picts from many places we went and orient you guys on where I was.

Yup, wild flamingos in NW Yucatan near Progreso.

Uxmal (pronounced Ush-mal) ruins. I got sent there one afternoon with a tour group. It rained, but I did spend the afternoon birding, hearing stories about the ruin, and had dinner and saw the evening light show (in pouring rain) with 4 Japanese women from Buenas Aires, and an old couple from Argentina. Only one of them spoke a tiny bit of English (all spoke espanol). Made for an interesting afternoon and evening.

Brown Pelican. Just an awesome shot. What do you think Brian?

Ball fields at the Coba ruins. There was another one of these opposite this one. The teams here fought for the Sun god and the Moon god. Whoever put the ball through the hole first (which could take a couple days as you couldn't use your hands and the slope is ~50%) was sacrificed. It was an honor to be killed for your god.

The view at Pez Maya, where we stayed for 5 nights. Really cool place. Plus we had fresh fish (and beer) for lunch that day!

The only decent picture of us releasing baby Green Sea Turtles (and one Loggerhead).

Yucatan Vireo.

Here is el palacio. It had 4 walls, a thatch roof, and occassional electricity, but we did have to put up with a lot of stupid foreigners, I mean tourists.

The view from el palacio wasn't bad when the beach wasn't covered with tourists and local fisherman's boats.

Caught this Royal Tern tossing a fish he'd just caught. Sweet!

Pict from the "canal" the Mayans dug that connected freshwater lagoons. This is what we floated down for an hour before we drank some beer.

Everyone knows this bird. Great Blue Heron on the beach.

I have about 4000 more pictures, but will post some on my pbase site eventually. Lots to go through.

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Anonymous said...

Scott, these pictures are awesome!! Can't wait to see the whole show.
Your house looks wonderful, and I'm so glad that N & G (the menagerie) are doing well.