Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Antsy, antsy

Since Bets was antsy, and I've been lazy, here's a quickie:

So we've been married 2 whole years already. Holy Moly. And to make it better, Brian and Kelly got baby Ha today as well. Extra special day. And to make it even better, Bob and Jane Austin are celebrating 63 years today!

I finally got up pictures from Mexico here:


I'm also going to ask the Mayor of Nashville if he'd be interested in starting a "Lights Out" program. Basically during spring and fall migration you get all the big buildings to voluntarily turn off most of their lights at night, saving a lot of electricity and probably 20,000 birds or more a year. The mayor is dying to make Nashville "green" and we've got some good things going for us for him to like say, "heck yeah," so I feel pretty confident we can pull this off. It's a win-win for everyone. The building managers save a lot of $$, birds have a better chance of not killing themselves at night, and all the partners in between look good (plus I look good and would probably get on TV for something positive). Good thing this has happened in several big cities and that the Building Managers Association is fine with contacting local building managers and getting them to turn off thier lights on certain ranges of dates that we give them. Keep your fingers cross.

Just another day on the job:)

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Betsy said...

So I talked to Bec on Monday and kept thinking..."remember to call and say Happy Anniversary tomorrow." Then I talk to Bec on Tuesday and forget to say it. So, a day late...Happy Anniversary. Oct. 21 is really turning into quite the day of celebrations in our family!!