Monday, March 26, 2012

Nana's birthday party

Nana's Bday in Huntsville

M playing guitar

D teaching H.

J and J

Nana, Grandpa and all the grandkids


Nana and cake!

Athow kids

Standing skinniest to well, you know.

I don't know what these guys are doing.

Post baby shower

Stroller and carrier!

Clothes, toys, etc.

Gypsy checking things out.

Nick was very curious.

Just a few picts of all the stuff we got before we put things away.

Office conversion and spring garden

Garden on 25 Mar

Japanese Magnolia at end of blooming

Office conversion

on 26 Mar - computer table gone


Before I took out the fouton and computer table (for posterity)

Baby shower for us in Vicksburg, Mar 3

Sarah, Dawn, and Kyt threw a shower for us at a B&B in downtown Vicksburg. I only showed up at the end to move all the gifts into the car;)

Specialty cupcakes were awesome!!!

Flowers and presents.

Srah spiking the punch with Ginger Ale.

Bec, Sarah, and Kyt

Bec and Susan


Pile o' gifts

Opening stuff, Dawn scribbling.


J's 6th bday party

J's 6th birthday party picts.

J and his awesome whale cake!

M says cake is YUMMY!!!

S being a little lady for the crowd.

Bec and M looking so cute.

Pregnant sisters.

S reading to me.

Bob participating in the party;)

Fishing was the theme.

More fishing.

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 with D, Nana and Grandpa

We went to Cheekwood, the Botanical Gardens on Christmas Eve (I think). Big model train display.

David holding up the train bridge. So clever is that boy.

Bec and the ladybug car.

Another train


Even Gypsy got a present (empty box)


Nick loves the new rug (that is in the utility room)

Nick and Chess. Chess loves sleeping with the dogs and makes Nick sleep around her.

Nick by the presents (apparently the only presents pict)

Fall 2011

Yeah, yeah, about 5 months behind on the blog.

Just a few picts from various fall/early winter events.

Bec's Bday

Pandora charm!

Thanksgiving in Perdido Key FL

View from the condo

Nana with the nieces and M

Jace and Sarah are besties with their matching PJ's.

Beach time!

Out to eat.

Scott and M looking at bird picts.