Saturday, July 25, 2009

Race day!

Yup, my sorry butt raced today. 40k (25.3mi) time trial. Just me against the clock.

I did the course last year with poor fitness going in and I was dead last with a time of 1:13:10 (avg 20.7mph). Today it was 10-20mph winds and 90 degrees. The wind was a headwind to crosswind (came from ~2 o'clock) all the way to the turn around. It was rough at times. Hit the turnaround at with my avg speed from last year, so I figured with a tailwind, I should be a minute or two faster than last year.

I felt pretty good until ~8 miles left when I think I stopped sweating. I drank a LOT of fluid over the last couple days. I also started to feel my legs chill, which is bad. Anyway, I powered through and stopped the clock at 1:08:48 (avg 22.1 mph). Much better and very happy about it. Then I had to slog 2 miles back into a headwind to get to my truck and icy cold water.

I was 18th of 22 or something. Not last by several minutes, so that is good too. Not good overall, but I am also not in peak form with all the aero equipment in the world. It was just to test myself. I think my experience helped today as I rode smarter than last year. Done a lot of time trials and races, so I think it helped a little.

As long as I don't go off the bike for a while (like 3 weeks in Mexico) this summer/fall, I am on track to be in good shape for cyclocross season starting in October!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scott's bday, which was a month ago.....

So I'm all blogged out and Bec wasn't any help. Been allbusy not going to work much and biking a lot (only 1 broken wheel and 2 times I needed to get picked up becuase things broke).

I've finally attached some pictures from my 33rd bday, which was many days ago.

The delicious meal that Bec mostly made. I made the fried tomatoes, NOT them green tomatoes that weirdos eat, but actually sweet ripe tomatoes that taste good.

The great bunt cake.

Pumped about the cake.

The tape ball!!!! Not cool Bob and Susan, not cool! Funny though. You just wait!

Me and my new theater system!

I conquered technology! Got it working pretty quick actually. I even figured out why the old DVD player was messed up. Only took me a year.

We went to Savannah GA for a few days of relaxing. Here is the lighthouse on Tybee Isl (3 hrs beach time before it got too crazy).

We were the only folks staying at the B&B the one nigth we bucked up for a nice place, so we got upgraded for free to the biggest room. It was about as big as my apt was in Vicksburg. A sweet suite.

We also visited my old study sites where I did my Master's research. A few things changed, but the big live oaks are still there.

In the end, we had a ncie time in Savannah. My work travel over the last year built enough points that we stayed on the riverfront for 2 nights for free:) We walked the squares and walked and walked and walked. Had a 2pm beer during a thunderstorm, and ate great! Sad to come home.
We are off the lake in a week, so more get away!!