Sunday, June 21, 2009

Garden shots

Just a couple garden shots from last week. Things are blooming nicely and the gaps between stuff are going away.
More recent pictures have yet to be taken, but I have been meaning to show off the goods.

Federally endangered Tennessee Coneflower

some white coneflower

coneflowers (several species)


prairie coneflower (native to middle TN)


Bergamont mint. It's about 4-5 ft tall. NOT edible. I tried it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Austins in Nashville

The last weekend in May brought a special treat...the Austins came to Nashville. (Actually,there was a whole convention of Austins, but only three stayed at my house.) Grandma, Grandpa, and Judy spent a lovely weekend here before heading back home. We had a great time with them. They arrived on Friday and Betsy and boys came up for the day, too. The weather was pretty cooperative, so we had a chance to play inside (with Uncle Scott's cars) and outside (in the sprinkler.) Also, we watched all the trains that went by. They make a lot of noise.
This is Grandma and John "taking a nap." Not too much shut-eye happening.
John and Mark playing in the kennel.
John-dog and Mark-dog crawling out of the kennel. Now, you may think they had to play in the kennel because I don't have any kids toys here, but you're wrong. They play there because it's cool. See, all the cool kids are doing it:

Mark having a snack at/under the table on the porch.
Deep thoughts about the sprinkler...
John jumping through the water.
Sprinkler= good times.
Mark loves the water, too.
Swinging high...
Swinging not so high.
On Saturday, the ladies headed to the Hermitage.
This is Gma and Judy at the back of the mansion.

Judy at the Jacksons' tomb.
View of the back of the house with kitchens and smokehouse. That's Judy by the dinner bell.
Earlier in the week, Scott and I went for a quick hike at a wildlife area near us. Our pants were covered in ticks by the time we finished, but the walk was very pretty.

A tale of warning

Once upon a time,there were two good kids. One day they got into some Miller Lite.

They overindulged and ended up having a wrestling match.

Moral of the story? Stay away from's terrible for you.