Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Hero

It's Halloween time! I made Scott's costume. I bought pumpkins (4 for $10 from the local vegetable stand.) I bought candy for the neighborhood kids (which Scott will pass out because I'm working.) And I bought candy corn for myself.

Candy corn is awesome! Scott sweet talked me early in our relationship with the news that he was the scion of the candy corn inventor. Ah, true love! We were meant for each other what with he being the direct descendant of Halloween hero/candy corn inventor and me loving candy corn so much.

Now Scott always says that it's his great grandfather, but after a bit of research through the box of photographs and piecing together a timeline, I think it's really Linda's great grandfather (but I'm not positive). Which makes it Scott's great great grandfather. Still not too shabby. (Gpa A- are you so proud of my genealogy and research skills?!) Anyway, I was going to treat you to a picture of Candy Corn Man, George Renninger, but I can't figure out who he is. I'm sure some of the tintypes must be he, but they are all (and there are a lot) unidentified. So, instead, I present you with the progeny of Candy corn man.
I think that this picture is the son Frank (front row, 2nd from R) and son-in-law Albert Z. (front row, 2nd from L, with violin) of Candy corn hero. Photo is undated, but I think it was taken late 1800's-early 1900's based on the ages of the (identified) people in other dated photos found in the box.
Baby Blanch Z. (nee Renninger) c. 1885
Blanche Z with brothers Charlie(?) and Frank, perhaps 1890-95
labeled as Blanche 1905?
Blanche and brothers, Ocean City
Blanche and Baby Dot, 1915 or 1916
Blanche and Albert Z, 1940
Blanche and Dot (on right side), 1940
Dot Z. and Eugene S. 1942 (Scott's grandparents)

Maybe one of these days I'll figure out who my hero George is and post a pic of him. Until then, eat candy corn in his memory.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Racking up the wins

So smaller fields in my cyclocross races this weekend, but regardless I WON both races. No kidding. Saturday's win was assisted by help from a teammate, while on Sunday I simply rode really hard and dropped everyone pretty easily. I even rode easy at times with the gap I had on Sunday knowing I had the win locked up. Ha! Looking forward to racing against BIG fields that are strong. We'll see how fast I really am before I move up to the next category.

Yes, this is 3 wins in a row!!

Pictures from Saturday:

Salute uphill on Saturday. Note closest competitors in background. Yeah baby!!

Pictures from Sunday:
Victory salute in pain on Sunday (it was a tough uphill section). I look like a linebacker.