Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dad's Birthday

I know it's a little late and out of order, but Scott just gave me the pictures. So here we go: Bob's 65th birthday party was celebrated with the family in Memphis.
A little morning comics...nothings funnier that having comics read out loud and explained.
H and her mommy
Birthday boy and Mom
Grandchildren sort of looking at the camera
Boys in an unintentional prom pose

The pianists/escapists after too many family pictures
at the piano, with most people looking towards the camera
And last but not least...D with a sexy pose :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cicada outbreak and early summer flowers

So we are having an outbreak of the 13 yr cicadas. Some parts of town have few to none, while some areas, like our yard, is over run with them. They are super abundant (see photos), noisy, and dead ones are all over the yard. The dogs are eating their body weight in them too.

This is a couple iris's covered in cicadas

Cicada shells - 3 separate big piles


yellow columbine

VERY late forsythia bloom. It came out over the weekend. Apparently it didn't get the message to bloom 2 months ago. I'll take it though!

Red Hot Poker

not sure what this is

First blooms of my Tennessee Coneflower