Sunday, January 31, 2010

SNOW!! and ice....

Friday morning the anticipated snow started to fall. Started as sleet, then turned to snow, and overnight Friday it sleeted again, turning everything into ice. Good thing I don't have a shovel!! Haven't needed one in 11 years in the south. Of course a shovel doesn't move ice so well.

In the end, we got 3-4 inches of snow (lowest total in middle TN), but it is topped with a quarter to half inch of ice.
I (Scott) took some artsy shots and we both took shots of the dogs and poopsicles (one half eaten by Goldie, not pictured here). Bec then participated in the first Smyrna Winter Olympics and I played photojournalist extraordinaire.

We'll start with some inside pics:

Bec and the cats.

Gypsy is using someone's birthday present for a nap. Our nephew will get this eventually.

Artsy stuff:

It is very hard to get a picture in our yard without a fence, house, or powerline prominently in the view. I got crafty (or lucky).

Tried for the blurred background, but I lent my good lens to a friend.

Note chunk of ice in Goldies mouth. She loves picking up ice and eating it.

Bec and our monster leland cypress (only 3 growing seasons!!). The ones in the backyard are stunted since they get pee'd on all the time.

Sunday morning snow. The driveway is one sheet of ice. The burning bush by the powerpole is gone. The local electric company came and cut it down last week. At least they didn't cut the big maple down in the front yard (they barely trimmed it). They did do some serious cutting of trees in the area and we got lucky. Our neighbor lost 9 trees, some 60 yrs old! We saw them just after they got home and found trees cut down all over their yard.

Downhill skiing.

Cross country skiing.

Yes, this is luge.

Ice skating


Figure skating. She nailed the landing too. Perfect 6.0 across the board, well from the one scorer

Maybe next time we'll invite competition:)
Post Olympics, I sat in the carport for an hour or so and took pictures of the birds. They were pretty brave, probably because they were cold and hungry.

Monday, January 25, 2010

NYE 2009

We spent the end of 2009 at home watching movies and hoping we didn't freeze. Happy 2010!

Our UPS man likes to "hide" the packages he delivers which cracks us up. Here's a recent example:

A picture of the big dogs with Lucky in Vicksburg


Pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Getting ready for church.

A rare picture of us together.

A very talented aunt...a kid in each arm!

The ill-fated portrait attempts.

Betsy and D putting a hurt on the shrimp cocktail.

Stocking time!

Reading break during stocking time.
"I love you, table."
JH and the silly glasses
Christmas joy
Pre-breakfast nap
"I love you, Mommy."
The big wheel
paci stare
Uncle D getting a little help.

Christmas cookies

Baking cookies. The Christmas tree is very popular!

Cleanup time.

Happy snowman...
Grumpy snowman.
JH in the rocker.
Christmas card photo shoot.


We've been neglecting the blog lately. The computer with the pictures never seems to be with the person who has time to update. Here's a peek of our December. Christmas in a following post.

Scott and the "8 foot" tree

a christmas card picture, perhaps

Hawk harassing the poor doves

Christmas decorations at Opryland. Fancy dinner for celebration, too.

with Mom and Dad at pinning ceremony