Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nashville Zoo

Betsy and Jay came up Saturday morning and we met at the zoo. John's first trip to the zoo as I was told, after some guy asked me about John and I was like, "he's not my kid." I was a little slow.

Anyway, we had a swell time watching giraffes, and a elephant lift a tree to scratch his forehead. We played with goats and donkey's and John loved them. John stayed awake until the car ride home and was a blast to play with, even though he dumped a ton of water on Bec during lunch and I held the camera all day.

Here's some of my favorite picts.

Alpaca with bad teeth and bad hair.

Some sort of bird. I can't remember what it is. Pretty though and a very curious bird. They will get into anything and everything.

Goat too cool to stand on the ground. John liked the goats, mostly.

Nice family pict.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

So we've been married a year already and I took my sweet wife camping for the weekend. I just scored a bunch of new camping stuff (thanks to endangered birds) and I got to use the new tent, new sleeping bag, new thermarest, etc. (plus the sweet new camera these picts were taken with). We went to Rock Island State Park in the middle of nowhere where we shared the tent camping area with a large number of cub scouts. So much for a quiet, relaxing weekend of sitting by a fire.
Happy couple after 364 days.
River gorge.
Bec and river gorge (after 365 days).
River and gorge.
Everyone's favorite poisonous plant (poison ivy), but it is sure pretty in fall.
Upon returning from the camping, we dove into pruning back the huge holly bushes. I borrowed our neighbors hedge trimmers, ladder, and chain saw (to cut the top of the holly's off). We made a nice mess of the yard. Plus I trimmed the cherry tree off the roof and checked the gutters, from the roof. A little scary.

Note primer on shutters (soon to be white).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Long time no post

I finally got off my rear to post some new picts. I got a sweet new camera last week, so we've taken about 1000 picts of nearly everything. This weekend we went ot Lexington KY for Michelle and Patrick's wedding. Wedding was at a winery, so great photo opps and of course the beer flowed! We got to see Layne (from MSU via Fairhope AL) at the wedding.

Layne and Bec

Layne and Bec again.
Bec and I at the wedding.

Barn and vineyards at the Winery where the wedding was (I put off beer to get some picts)

We saw this sign on the interstate and I took it while Bec was driving 70.

Castle in Lexington, KY, hummm......

Jay's dream tractor at the winery.

Grass clump in the front yard. Survived the drought and actually grew well.
Red-bellied Woodpecker sitting on fence by feeder.
Nick proud of his complete destruction of the stuffed Mardi Gras monkey.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stuff has arrived

So on Thursday I made the trek to Philly, via Southwest airlines, and rented a truck to move most of my personal belongings from PA back to Nashville. I also got a ton of old breakables per se and some great old furniture from my parents place, as well as stuff from my grandfathers apartment, and from Jane, Bob, and Judy in Wilmington. Sunday I pulled the full 770 miles from DE to Smyrna. Almost 13 hrs in a Penske truck. I'm too old for that and by old I mean I'm not 21 anymore, but not old like Brian.

It was amazing how much stuff I had in PA. I threw out probably 10 boxes of notes from elementary, middle, high school, and college, plus my spelling quizzes from 4th grade, etc etc. I saved a couple things for posterity and for me to read and learn something from, i.e. a paper I wrote on the Arab-Israeli conflict from about 5th grade. I have WAY more baseball cards then I thought. Nearly one whole shelf in the basement is baseball cards! Yikes.

I had a great visit with the 'rents and the Austins in DE. They spoiled me and I think I gained 5 lbs due to excessive soda, pizza, hoagies, veal parm, and peanut butter M&M's (which I love but can't find anywhere, thanks Judy!!).

The shelves I built a couple weeks ago worked perfectly. We actually still had space to put more stuff on them after all the boxes were loaded up, hence we can put our luggage and camping stuff up on shelves too! By the way Jay, the radial saw is staying with me:) You'll have to fight me for it.