Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nashville Zoo

Betsy and Jay came up Saturday morning and we met at the zoo. John's first trip to the zoo as I was told, after some guy asked me about John and I was like, "he's not my kid." I was a little slow.

Anyway, we had a swell time watching giraffes, and a elephant lift a tree to scratch his forehead. We played with goats and donkey's and John loved them. John stayed awake until the car ride home and was a blast to play with, even though he dumped a ton of water on Bec during lunch and I held the camera all day.

Here's some of my favorite picts.

Alpaca with bad teeth and bad hair.

Some sort of bird. I can't remember what it is. Pretty though and a very curious bird. They will get into anything and everything.

Goat too cool to stand on the ground. John liked the goats, mostly.

Nice family pict.


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