Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scott's Bday, etc.

So now that the 4th of July has passed and I'm taking ANOTHER day off of work, I'm updating. I've been to the office for 3 days since June 21. Work at the office stinks. I like being home. At the rate I'm burning comp time, I can stay home for 8 more weeks.

Anyway here are some shots, not in an order since you know blogspot is annoying.

I borrowed the nieghbor's pressure washer and this is just how nasty the back porch is/was. I did the entire back porch, carport, and front walk. Bec wants me to do the whole driveway, but that will take about 10 hrs and a LOT of patience that I don't have. Plus I gave the pressure washer back and we might have to watch the crazy grandkids again if I asked for it back.

Lazy pets!

Who could love that face?

Early bday present: bike tires. I needed them and bought some, but Bec wrapped them up for me before I knew they arrived (she's so sneaky!). Then I caught some glass or something and ruined a tire 15 mi from home and needed them ASAP. I was able to ride home, but had a nice gash in the tire, which is now sitting in a landfill somewhere.

To compliment my gas grill, I now have a charcoal grill for the smoky flavor! Thanks mom and dad!

Yummy cake and presents!

Grill in action. I made myself a burger.