Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nursery is about ready for baby J

A little updated blog post with nursery pictures.

Crib, glider, baskets with burp clothes and one for blankets.  Cradle in middle of room right now. 

Swing in the corner, glider and ottoman, plus dresser by the door with the changing table.

Coat rack FINALLY put up today!  Looks awesome!  

The high chair photo 1, with the infant seat in it.

Side view of the high chair

Monday, May 21, 2012

Huntsville weekend and then some....

We went to a wedding in Huntsville and hung with the fam over the weekend.

Bec and I all dressed up for the wedding.

Me and baby P.

I was awake, but apparently making a silly face.  Ain't he cute (the baby that is).  Getting newborn practice with P.  Hope our girl is this easy!

Baby shower thrown by Bec's coworkers.  This is a handmade cover for the stroller/carrier.

Diaper Cake (the one with the tootoo). It's like 100 diapers.


Rubber duckie inflatable bath and other goodies.

Up close diaper cake

Real cake.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Office baby shower

The awesome admin folks in my office threw a baby shower for us on Friday afternoon, cake and all!!

They got the cake our crib bedding pattern on it.  Very cool.  Cake was awesome (leftovers still are!).

Some of the table.  Note bird feeder on left with jelly belly jelly beans and sunflower seeds.  

I'm known as "goober Shoe" to a couple folks and we got a custom onesie with a new version of this.  very cute (and funny).

The loot.  Everyone was very generous to us (plus many giftcards not seen).

After the shower we went out to eat and picked up the new area rug.  The ottoman for the glider arrived on Friday as well!  The nursery is coming along nicely!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Nana's birthday party

Nana's Bday in Huntsville

M playing guitar

D teaching H.

J and J

Nana, Grandpa and all the grandkids


Nana and cake!

Athow kids

Standing skinniest to well, you know.

I don't know what these guys are doing.

Post baby shower

Stroller and carrier!

Clothes, toys, etc.

Gypsy checking things out.

Nick was very curious.

Just a few picts of all the stuff we got before we put things away.

Office conversion and spring garden

Garden on 25 Mar

Japanese Magnolia at end of blooming

Office conversion

on 26 Mar - computer table gone


Before I took out the fouton and computer table (for posterity)

Baby shower for us in Vicksburg, Mar 3

Sarah, Dawn, and Kyt threw a shower for us at a B&B in downtown Vicksburg. I only showed up at the end to move all the gifts into the car;)

Specialty cupcakes were awesome!!!

Flowers and presents.

Srah spiking the punch with Ginger Ale.

Bec, Sarah, and Kyt

Bec and Susan


Pile o' gifts

Opening stuff, Dawn scribbling.