Monday, October 22, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

So we've been married a year already and I took my sweet wife camping for the weekend. I just scored a bunch of new camping stuff (thanks to endangered birds) and I got to use the new tent, new sleeping bag, new thermarest, etc. (plus the sweet new camera these picts were taken with). We went to Rock Island State Park in the middle of nowhere where we shared the tent camping area with a large number of cub scouts. So much for a quiet, relaxing weekend of sitting by a fire.
Happy couple after 364 days.
River gorge.
Bec and river gorge (after 365 days).
River and gorge.
Everyone's favorite poisonous plant (poison ivy), but it is sure pretty in fall.
Upon returning from the camping, we dove into pruning back the huge holly bushes. I borrowed our neighbors hedge trimmers, ladder, and chain saw (to cut the top of the holly's off). We made a nice mess of the yard. Plus I trimmed the cherry tree off the roof and checked the gutters, from the roof. A little scary.

Note primer on shutters (soon to be white).

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