Saturday, July 25, 2009

Race day!

Yup, my sorry butt raced today. 40k (25.3mi) time trial. Just me against the clock.

I did the course last year with poor fitness going in and I was dead last with a time of 1:13:10 (avg 20.7mph). Today it was 10-20mph winds and 90 degrees. The wind was a headwind to crosswind (came from ~2 o'clock) all the way to the turn around. It was rough at times. Hit the turnaround at with my avg speed from last year, so I figured with a tailwind, I should be a minute or two faster than last year.

I felt pretty good until ~8 miles left when I think I stopped sweating. I drank a LOT of fluid over the last couple days. I also started to feel my legs chill, which is bad. Anyway, I powered through and stopped the clock at 1:08:48 (avg 22.1 mph). Much better and very happy about it. Then I had to slog 2 miles back into a headwind to get to my truck and icy cold water.

I was 18th of 22 or something. Not last by several minutes, so that is good too. Not good overall, but I am also not in peak form with all the aero equipment in the world. It was just to test myself. I think my experience helped today as I rode smarter than last year. Done a lot of time trials and races, so I think it helped a little.

As long as I don't go off the bike for a while (like 3 weeks in Mexico) this summer/fall, I am on track to be in good shape for cyclocross season starting in October!

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