Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bye bye Holly's!!!

2 posts in 2 days, it must be going to rain! No rain, but you get 2 posts.

So in my first free weekend day (Saturday), I decided it was time to destory the holly bushes that framed our house. I got 2 arborvitae from Andy in GA the week before I went to Mexico (I was in ATL for a meeting that week) and we'd planned this destruction. Doesn't take long with a good chainsaw!!

The process. Good times!!

First one almost gone.

All gone. The house looks completely different. I love it! We love it! Plus we cut out 2 spirea bushes that were next to the holly's. We didn't plant the new stuff yet, but will soon. Amazing! What a difference. Like a whole new house.

So after I cut the holly's, but cut the "big" dogwood in the backyard that was as dead as Reagan. We had a fire in the pit that night and burned much of the dogwood. We toasted to the tree. Sad it died.

After I cut that I decided to split a lot of the wood that I had gathered (trees around the block were cut and I loaded up my truck back in the spring) for firewood for our fire pit and for someone at work who has a fire place. Anyway, the wood is super dry since it hasn't rained here since 2003. All went very well. Didn't need much effort to split the logs. I was 80% done when the large chunk of one log came flying at me like a 100mph fastball. It hit my hand (which was fine) and my shin (not fine). I instantly had a knot that stuck out about a half inch. It hurt bad. We iced it a couple times and some McDonalds ice cream later and all is well. I will likely have a nasty bruise for weeks to come though. I can't remember the last time I was in such pain. Good thing I will never have to give birth, because I'm a wimp. Bec gave me credit for not passing out. I think I'm insulted. It wasn't that bad. Well for 5 min it was awful.

Bec and I went for a hike on Thursday morning at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. Saw holes in the ground to an underground stream, which is dry since it hasn't rained here since 2003.

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