Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend Fun

Sarah Emily arrived Thursday afternoon, which is pretty impressive since she found out that morning that she didn't have a ticket. She spent some time in the Portland airport convincing Muhammad that she needed to be on the plane. It worked and she made it on the plane. Way to go, Sarah! We spent the weekend doing some fun things around town. We also tried to eat all the foods that Sarah likes, but can't find in Maine (Chik-fil-a, bar-b-que, & Mellow Mushroom....mmmm!) We did catch the Auburn v. MSU game on TV. I know Sarah was a little disappointed in her Tigers, but I was excited about the Dawgs. Finally, an SEC win on the record...Hooray!
Us in Centennial Park
top picture: War Eagle!

Sarah at the Parthenon...where they parth, of course.
Ready for the game

Cute gibbon at the zoo.

Scott did a bit of training in preparation for next weekend's half Ironman and then built shelves for the basement. We're about to get lots of boxes from Scott's parents, so we needed to have a good system in place. Scott designed the shelves with some helpful input from our very handy friend James.

The boys working in the yard

Building the shelves

the finished products...nice, huh?

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