Thursday, September 13, 2007

Visitor on the way!

Sarah Teaford is flying in Thursday to visit for the weekend. Well she's flying in to visit Bec, while I'll spend my weekend building big shelf systems in the basement. We (I) cleaned the house Wed night in prep for her visit while Bec finished a paper and worked on her talk for class tomorrow (today). All good. Then Bec wakes me at 5:45 am to get up and get a dead rabbit off the back porch. Nick wanted to bring it inside with him. Evidently he cornered it, killed it, and ate the guts out overnight. Good thing it wasn't a skunk! I found a fur pile in the yard, but no guts, so I guess he indeed ate them. Bec was a champ and got the shovel out and scooped and tossed the remains over the fence into the pasture while I continued to sleep in after my long night working in the house. Good job done by both of us!

Last night while cycling with some buds, a dog hit me. He sort of attacked us on the way out onto our loop, but he came and charged me pretty hard when we returned. I grabbed a bottle as I thought he might chase me, and squirted him with water while he ran full speed at me. I didn't accelerate too much, because I didn't think he'd really charge. I was going probably 20+ mph, and he hit my rear wheel. Good thing it was the rear as he just bounced off it and I kept riding. Took about 30sec for me to realize I almost got taken out by a stupid ass dog, then I freaked out a bit. Well, I plan to get some pepper spray stuff that postal carriers use and give it a good dose in the face. If that doesn't stop it, Animal Control will.

Hopefully I'll survive in one piece to get through the big race in 10 days.

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Anonymous said...

Nice time for a "Joe G. wanna-be" have stepped it up this year (after our only head-to-head matchup earlier in the year..which we know who won even with injuries :-)
Comparing your time to my only 1/2 IM
done 2 yrs ago on a KHS bike and no true endurance training..tisk tisk..but, do an Ironman and compare that time..I'll be even more impressed...oh, and add 9yrs to your AGE ..boy do I feel like 40 today...GOOD JOB...(I still don't have to mow my chest)