Friday, September 7, 2007

Slow go

Not much happening on the Somershoe homefront. Bec is in school and working, while Papa Shoe is working and looking forward to the half Ironman on Sept 23rd. I can't wait until the half IM is over because I want to eat a whole cake and wash it down with a case of beer. Plus it'd be nice to sleep in past 6am on a weekend and not have to go ride 4 hrs and/or run 10-12 miles. I'm looking forward to upcoming trips to Starkville for Homecoming, a wedding in KY that should have alcohol, and some camping with my lovely wife for ourfirst anniversary. Camping? A real fancy first anniversay trip, but by then we'll be broke and camping is cheap and fun and we haven't gone in a long time.

Tomorrow (Sat the 8th) is a sprint triathlon (400m swim, 1.5 mi run, 12.5 mi bike, 1.5 mi run) and I'll post results and some picts hopefully shortly after the race. This is the race where I lost winning my age group by 0.7 seconds last year. I am fast and a smarter racer now and should shave a minute or two off my time, so look out competition, I'm going to break your legs tomorrow.

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Kelly said...

You are a lucky man to have a wife that is willing to go camping for her first anniversary. Brian is not so lucky. Good luck tomorrow. Break a leg.