Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cyclocross season has started!

This weekend was the beginning of my race season. Saturday it was dry until we lined up to race. It poured buckets and thundered during the race. The course turned to mush and was incredibly difficult. I get great experience by sprinting well in the start and basically leading the field the first lap. I took a teammate with me as we gapped the field, but I faded badly to 6th of 21. My teammate ended up winning, so my effort was worth it. We literally rode through a streams that appeared and what was like a small pond. Amazing how the race course can change when you dump 0.25" of rain on it.

Sunday was a different course, faster, still sloppy in places, but more suited to my skills. 16 starters and somehow I chased down a couple guys, incl a teammate, and I WON THE RACE!!! My teammate was 10 sec behind me for second. Great result for us and the team. Podium pictures were taken on other people's cameras. Not the toughest field, but incredible weekend getting to be in the lead of a race for a lap and learn to think about the race differently. Then taking the lead from someone and holding for a lap and not doing something dumb and crashing. Very different things go through your head when you are chasing guys ahead of you vs when you are in the lead!! I even had time to throw up and hands and celebrate. It was awesome!!!

Note TOP name!

Podium baby!!
After race on Saturday in pouring rain. Just a little muddy.
This was DRY before the race started! Talk about a quick change!
Me in the back on Saturday after I pulled the first lap for my teammate in front (who did win 28 minutes later).
First lap on Satuday with me in front. It really is me.

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