Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whirlwind tour of PA

Wow, we did a lot! We had a crazy, busy trip to PA for Thanksgiving.

We arrived Thursday afternoon and rented a sweet Chevy HHR for the weekend. Sense sarcasm. Anyway, we did Thanksgiving with my parents that evening. Had a grand time stuffing ourselves with turkey and stuffing and watching football. E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!!

Thanksgiving Dinner. Mmmmmmm.

Friday morning I ran for 40 min in what seemed like 28 degree weather, while Bec walked a while too. The news swore it was 40 degrees, but I question that. Had a great time chasing a few hundred geese off a field, like a 3 year old. Anyway, we went to Wilmington DE to visit with Judy and the Austin's. We had a late lunch-type meal and hung out all afternoon into early evening. We had a wonderful time and it is always a joy to see the DE Austin's.

Mom, dad, and Judy chatting like schoolgirls.

Bec and Tabban.

Bec and Bob (between naps and candies).

Bec and Jane. How cute are these two?

Bec and the grandparents. How adorable.

Saturday morning we slept in and went to see my grandfather at a sort-of nursing home type place. He's in great shape for 92, but called me Billy (his nephew's name). I'm not sure he knew my name. We had a nice visit then we went and had cheesesteaks for lunch. Mmmmmm.

Me, mom, and my grandfather.

That afternoon we did Christmas with my parents. We didn't gorge again, but saved it for that evening. See below.

Pile of presents!!!

That night we celebrated my parents 40th wedding anniversary with Uncle Gene and Lexi, and Aunt Terri and Uncle Monnie. Their anniversary is Dec 7th, but we partied a little early. We ate well, drank a few, looked at pictures of my parents wedding on CD, and ate and drank some more. My folks got some sweet goods for 40 yrs, incl a BlueRay disc player.

Mom and Dad, 40 years together!

The family.

Sunday morning we hurried off through sleet to the airport to fly home. Our plane left an hour late and we arrived in ATL at the time our connection was to leave. Good thing our connection was an hour late too!! We got to Nashville an hour late and our bags arrived! I couldn't believe it. We used frequent flier miles and scored first class on the return flights. Sweet!!!

Upon return we found that the kid watching our zoo doesn't follow instructions (again). Goldie evidently was never in her kennel at night, so there were a few #1 spots and a couple #2 spots that were sort of "cleaned up." Doesn't smell like #2, but it sure doesn't smell like roses. The dogs ate probably 12 lbs of food this weekend since "1 cup of food per dog twice a day," was interpretted as, "keep bowl outside and full." The dog food container, which I just filled up, is 3/4 empty! Plus the litter I'm pretty sure was never scooped. At least Goldie didn't eat anything (we know of), nor did she shred anything. Not cool neighbor kid. You might be out of a job after 2 mess ups. Now we have a carpet that NEEDS to be cleaned.

On a lighter note, a paper I've been revising for publication was accepted!!! So now I have more work to do this week. Uh!!!!

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