Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Weekend

Saturday was a beautiful fall we went to the zoo.  I so love the zoo.  It was the perfect time to walk around and see all the animals out and playing.  Scott took some pictures since he still is working on learning all the camera settings. The pictures aren't downloaded, though, so you'll just have to imagine the meerkats sunning themselves and the zebras walking around.  Got that?  Nice, huh?

In the evening, we headed over to our closest state park (about 15 minutes away) and watched the sun set over the lake.  Very pretty.  We left when the sun went down because it gets so chilly.  And then we watched TV and ate pizza.  Sidenote- We passed a house that I have decided is Charlie Daniels's since it had a tour bus parked outside.  I'll give tours of the rich and famous in town when you people come visit.  For Smyrna, that's just Charlie and the singer from 3 Doors Down.  It's a short tour.  

I'll also eventually post our pumpkin carving pictures.  We made two this year because we're so awesome.  Scott's had ghosts on it and mine was a regular old face.  The kids liked them though.  A few of the trick-or-treaters told me they were cool.  Yay!  We bought lots of candy since we had so many kids come by last year.  And now we have lots left over since we had about a third the number of kids that we had last year.  

And the most exciting news of the weekend....Hannah is now home!  Welcome to the family, sweet girl!  We're looking forward to meeting you.

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