Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick update that I'm slow

So Saturday I did my first bike race of the year. It was the State Time Trial Championship race, which was 25 miles individually as fast as you can do it. Needless to say I didn't have high hopes since I have been riding about 2 months, while everyone else has been racing all season. It was basically for me to test myself and see how I did. My goal was to average 20 mph and I did 20.8 mph on the rolling hills (1:13:10). I was exhausted at the end, but that is a time trial. In my category I was dead last, but not just last but last by 4.5 min! Only 20 people raced and they all brought their A game and destroyed me. I don't care about my place since they all had fancy bikes, aero this and that, and had engines to back it up and I'd been riding for 2 months! It was fun and a good practice for me.

Bob and Susan arrived Saturday night on their way through AL (meeting for Bob in Birmingham) and then back to Mississippi. We were like a rest stop where they slept, ate, and did not much else. I now know what it is like to have a college kid come home and bring 46 bags of laundry. I charged $2.25 per load and $2 per dryer:) At least Bob has clean skivies for his meeting.

No picts this week, but maybe a video in the future since I just got a sweet camcorder for recording that woodpecker!

Have a good'n now ya hear.

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