Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nick and the cherry tree

So recently the cherry tree in our yard has decided to produce fruit. It isn't just producing some fruit. It is producing enough to feed Ethiopia for a year. It didn't fruit last year (due to drought??).

Nick evidently loves the fruits because he rolls in it daily. The first time I saw him with cherry stains, I thought he'd killed something and rolled in it. He stinks even worse than usual now!!

Note purple stains all over him.

Not much else happening on the home front recently. I've been catching banding mourning doves that go into my dove trap. I do manage to catch a load of grackles (AKA dinosaur birds). I banded 2 doves, 1 cardinal, and 22 grackles today.

Doing some travelling this week after over a month off! Only going to Knoxville for what will certainly be another boring 2 day meeting. At least there is a hospitality room with cases of beer for consumption!!

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