Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blue Angels and Bluebirds

The yard in April 08. Looking good with all the blooming flowers!! The iris's will bloom by the end of the week and the tulips are opening now. Some of the stuff we planted last year and got "burned" in the freeze in April and suffered in the drought are blooming for the first time and growing rapidly!

So we have a pair of bluebirds nesting in our bluebird box. She had 5 eggs today and should start incubating today. Last year we had only titmice in the box, after bluebirds tried to nest and a House Sparrow killed the female bluebird on the nest (that happens a lot). Hopefully our bluebirds will make it this year.

Bec took this shot of the daddy bluebird, while I was off working on yard stuff.

There was also an airshow in Smyrna this weekend. The Blue Angels were here flying low over the neighborhood. Rather then spend $20 a person and have to be with a lot of rednecks, we could see a fair amount from the yard, not use portajohns, relax in our yard, and not spend $5 for a hot dog. There were shows on Sat and Sun. Pretty cool. Glad the airport isn't active but for tiny planes anymore!

Bec got this shot Saturday.

I got this one Sunday.

Not a Blue Angel, but cool plane! (taken by Scott on Saturday)

Hopefully next weekend I'll get to meet my new nephew Mark. The following weekend I may see Brian and Kelly as I'll be in town for the state ornithological society meeting (old birders), so I may skip the banquet and go have some fun! Can only deal with old birders who want to grill me on birds all day and whom have no idea about personal space. I don't like to be able to tell what they had for lunch, yesterday!

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