Friday, July 13, 2007


There has been a demand for the Flugtag pictures to be posted, but they have been downloaded on the laptop which is currently in Atlanta. Therefore, I will entertain you with photos from our recent vacation to Lake Nuangola.
We spent the first week in July at my family's cottage. It was a bit cool but we thought it was great since our home had been beastly hot with no AC. (The new HVAC has been installed and we are enjoying the wonderfully cool air.) We got a chance to see some old friends and to relax on the dock. Scott's parents came up for a few days to visit. Scott spent hours riding his bike in the mountains; I did not. All in all, a quite nice break from the real world.
For your viewing pleasure, here are the pictures:

Fourth of July Regatta

Boulder field (caused by glaciers) at Hickory Run Park.


Side note: Grandma and Grandpa Austin moved from their home of 50 years to a new home at the end of June. I don't have pictures of the new place (it's very cute, though), but here is a picture of the old home and my mother on the porch. Also one of the Austin ladies together.

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Kelly said...

Why am I just finding out about your blog??? You know I'm a huge blog fan.

The house looks great with the new landscaping and I hope it's nice and cool for you now.