Monday, July 30, 2007

New bird nest in yard

My bluebird box has been empty since the titmice fledged in June. However bluebirds tried to nest until a house sparrow killed my female bluebird. Never did get me a house sparrow. Anyway, your observant ornithologist didn't know he had a mockingbird nest in the front yard holly bush until it was 2 days from fledging (which was a few weeks ago now). I'm out there regularly enough, but never saw it (nor did I actually look). I figured there was a nest as one adult just sat by the front window and just screeched at one cat or the other all day for a couple weeks.

Well the new nest I just finally found is in the shop in the back of our carport. I saw a Carolina Wren go in there a week or so ago and never saw it come out. Never saw a nest, but I didn't go in the shop. Well I saw it go in carrying food yesterday. Although the shop is closed off by doors, there is a 4 inch gap on at least one side for some reason. I was always afraid a bird would get in there and get stuck. Well my wrens built a nest between paint cans on a shelf and they are half way to fledging! Guess we don't go in there often (don't mow grass too much). Once they get close to fledging, I'm going to open both doors and leave them open to help assure the young can get out. It'd be pretty tricky to escape that narrow gap being a fledgling. They're going to poop all over everything!

We also have the biggest house finch roost I think I've ever seen in my neighbors tree, which extends into my yard. At least 50, likely 60+ roost in this tree! What a racket. I think the state game folks should do something about this. I'll have to give them a call and harass them:)

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