Monday, June 18, 2007

Duathlon Day!

The DU that Rebecca and I have been training for was Sunday morning. The event was a 2 mile run, 11.4 mile bike ride, 2 mile run. Rebecca did awesome, smoking a lot of people on the bike course (avg'd over 14mph!). Very impressive!! I was in the transition area with my stuff when she came in after the bike ride before the 2nd run and the first thing she said was, "I hate you. You said this would be fun." I smiled, cheered her on, as did a couple other folks nearby, and we walked the last 2 miles together. Bec did awesome, even if she wasn't really happy about it at times.

I tried to break one hour for the course and just missed it. I stopped my watch at 1:00:20. So close. I lost the time on the bike where the road was ~7ft wide and there was a group I couldn't get around. We rode at 23mph, but I wanted more. I did avg 22.8 for 11.4 miles with being stuck behind people. I ran 7 min miles for the first 2 miles and 6:55 or so for the last 2 miles. I missed hitting my heart rate monitor to clock myself for the last 2 miles, but I can back calculate it.

I was 39th out of 282 finishers and 4th out of 26 in my age group (30-34 male), but would have needed to be 2:20 faster for 3rd place!! I passed 2 guys in my age group on the last run, so that was awesome as I'm not the best runner. I caught and ran next to them for a minute, then kicked it up to see if they could hang (with them then knowing I was in their age group as our age is on the back of our legs). Neither did. Sweet!

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