Sunday, October 23, 2011

September vacation, part 1

We took our vacation this fall to the upper midwest, starting in Chicago and then looping up through Wisconsin, across the UP of Michigan and then down into mainland Michigan.

Chicago: no pictures. We took in a Cubs game a Wrigley, went to the lego store and ate lots of deep dish pizza.

Then we headed up through Wisconsin to the shore of Lake Superior and spent a few days at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. There are 22 islands in the group, we took the ferry to just one of them.
Here's the little town of Bayfield, home to Apostle Islands Lakeshore.
Pier at Bayfield
Madeleine Island, Lake Superior
Scott spottind grebes on Madeleine
Island coastline
A big turtle?
More pretty coastline
Sign in the park bathroom. thought it was amusing
sandy beach on Madeleine Island
Bod on the island
Scott's first dip in Lake Superior
more of pretty, little Bayfield
Th little cabin we decided to crash in since it was raining when we got there.

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