Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day camping trip

We went to the Big South Fork National Recreation and River Area (National Park land) a few hours from the house. We camped Sat and Sunday nights and did a 9.3 mi hike on Sunday. Here's a few picts.

View from a top the twin arches (after 8.5 mi of hiking, we went up about a million stairs).

Neat rock outcrop along the Big South Fork River.

Yes, I am that strong.

Bird list!!

Rock outcrop.


Huge natural amphitheater.

Camp site!
I got one of the last sites (via reservation) and we had the water tower next to us, but it wasn't lit up, we had no neighbor on the other side and the bathroom was across the street. Worked out well.

Old railroad bridge. You can drive across it now.

Another outcrop. It is all sandstone in the area and it was like the beach but without the ocean and with that big wall there.

Super strong Bec!

Bec on the bridge!

One of the twin arches.

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