Thursday, October 28, 2010

August through October 2010

So I am a little slow with the blog. At least I've never practiced witch craft and am running for public office. Pics mostly in some order from most recent to older. I didn't incl pics from my Calif trip since those are online already.

Nick and his e-collar. He's licking the stitches and I'm not letting that happen.

Wedding reception table

Sarah Emily and her dad

Breaking it down!




The bridesmaids

First dance. I love Sarah's smile

What the heck?

Rehearsal dinner and wedding party

Rehearsal dinner gals.

Me at a race this year.

Rehearsal dinner snack table

Us and Aunt Patty when Patty and Walt visited this summer.

Jim and me birding the coast of Maine.

I waded in this deep into the ocean in Maine. It was REALLY cold.

Beach from the house in Maine.

View from the Maine house

Maine house beach again

Maine house.

Girls at the house

Nuangola lake flower

Bec faking getting in the ocean in Maine.

The newlyweds the day after the wedding.



Bec at the Portland Headlight.

Back to Nuangola, Bec with S

Bec with M

Maine again. Bec and Dawn.

Dang, back to Nuangola.

Nuangola in the morning.

J in swim races.

Lake in morning

Gma and S. I don't know who is cuter!

M not liking sharing the rocking horse

Me and M

Mom and dad visited.

East Tn camping and bird banding trip. Morning view from the mountain

View from the mtn

Mtn view everyday!!

Black-throated blue warbler

Blackburnian warbler

Bay-breasted warbler

American Redstart

REAL quick summary of the last 4 months with the Shoes.

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