Friday, April 3, 2009

Bluebird eggs!

So our pair of bluebirds returned this year to the box that fledged 2 broods (9 babies) last year.  They built the nest and completed it about March 6-7, but laid no eggs.  The female disappeared, we think, and we'd given up on them this spring.  The other day a female arrived (same one?) and on March 31 she laid her first egg!!  As of Apr 2, we have 3 eggs with more coming daily (well one or two more).  

Hopefully they'll pull off a couple broods and Goldie won't catch any of the young.  I might fence off that part of the yard so she can't get back there.  Gotta give the birdies a chance!

Robins are building in the maple in the front yard too.  About time!

Why am I doing this at 3:28am?  Uh.

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