Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break!

I know that you, my fans, have been clamoring for news of my spring break so here it is: spring break is not as fun now as it was the first time through college.  I did manage to do some fun things.  Sunday afternoon Betsy and (some of) her boys came up for fun with Bec and Scott.  We played at the playground, ate at the Mexican restaurant, and went to the zoo.  The weather was perfect for all those activities.  In our downtime, we played with Uncle Scott's car collection.  I hear the tow truck with two hooks is pretty cool.  Oh, yeah!  I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (see, I told you spring break for adults is not much fun.)  Now it's Friday and I'm on vacation, but the weather is cold and drizzly.  Therefore, I'm not leaving the house.  Instead, I'm rocking out to Chicago (I don't wanna live without your love, Peter Cetera), updating the blog, and thinking that I should be cleaning the house.  On the plus side, I did have a breakfast date with Scott before he headed west. 

Spring in Smyrna:
At the park:
Boys on swings.
John slides down backwards...
and climbs high.
At the zoo:
Meerkat perched on yucca.
The new zebras; they have brown stripes in addition to the black and white.
Goat grooming.
Silly pictures- John and Mommy grew horns!

John talking to the zookeepers about the giraffes.
Savannah, Congo, and Margarita (in back) eating a treat.

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