Thursday, August 7, 2008

No more veggies!!

So our CSA veggie thing we do apparently ended Monday.  The lady sent an email Wed night telling everyone she has to have surgery (to fuse her neck) now, not later in Sept after the program ended.  So she gave us ~12 min notice to make plans to return the basket we loaded up with veggies and meet her for their Thursday pick up (didn't know they had a thursday pick up). She will write a check to reimburse us for the remaining weeks we aren't getting veggies.  It was out our way to go to the 'boro every Monday, but when we picked it, we thought it would be easy for R to pick them up after class on Mondays.  However, she started late and ended early, so we never actually picked up vegetables during the school year! The veggies were good; this lady just wasn't very organized in all respects, not just the bailing out because of surgery. We'll try another place next year.

Sad day, but the Olympics start tomorrow!!!

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