Monday, June 30, 2008

Scott's Bday

Yup, a whole week has passed since I turned 32. I just didn't post pictures because I was depressed and crying from getting old. I mean I'm on the down swing to 40 now, which might as well be 50 or 60, which means I'm pretty much bald, gray (what hair is left), wrinkly, and crippled. I'm over that now and sitting here at 5:50 am writing a blog update on a Monday morning.

Bec made a lovely cake for my birthday, which we just finished yesterday! It was good, but we were trying not to eat it all at once, which was a distinct possibiity without self control. I got a great grill cover, finally, to cover the grill that Bob and Susan had given us as a house warming present. I finally got one, now that I have to replace a burner since it burned itself into 2 pieces. Lowe's doesn't carry them of course, so I need to order it. Uh.

Anyway, I also got a lovely bottle of Gentleman's Jack and several pictures/posters framed that are now hanging in the utility room and office. Plus my diplomas from back in the dark ages when I graduated with some college degrees are now framed nicely and hanging in the office. Bec didn't want them next to her diploma (yes singular) as she only has one (not counting HS). Yes, I'm in trouble now.

So here are some picts of the picts and my cake.

My cake had a chasm/fjord/fault in it.

Me and my cake.

Diplomas looming over the desktop.

Poster by the cat food.

3 frames over the mini-beer cooler and cat poop spot. Looking sharp!!

Evidently I don't have a picture of the other picture. Oops. Time to make some food and go to work.

Thanks to all of you reading that contributed to the great framed picts!!!
To the rest of you, where's my present:)

Off to the lake house this week. I ought to take a ton of picts up there.

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