Sunday, January 20, 2008

Racing? Heck no!

The low was in the teens last night and it never got above 28 today. Very glad I slept in rather then race. I ended up 9th of 15 yesterday. Not too shabby.

Bec and I went to an Open House for a house up the street that is for sale. The realtor is the lady that sold our house for her mom. After a brief tour of the house and some social banter, some other folks came in. All was fine, however the other folks were the family we bought our house from, including the old lady. Awkward. They were nice and we chatted it up a bit, but yuck.

In any event the house was nice but had a different layout then ours. They fixed a lot of stuff up, but left a few details undone and/or dirty. I nitpick I guess.

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