Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving in Atlanta

Bec and I had a great time in ATL for Thanksgiving with Uncle Rob and the entire extended Austin family. 18 of us slept in the house for 2 nights!! Eventually Bec and I got out of the basement hallway. It'll be a while before we get a bed.

Several folks followed me to Andy Kinsey's christmas tree farm on black Friday, where I worked most of the day helping out moving trees and working hard for PapaJohn's pizza with pepperoni (which I had to go pickup since the farm was swamped at 12:30) and a $1 tip. One, I dislike pepperoni on pizza and the last time I had Papajohns I lost 8 pounds with food poisoning, but it was good and didn't upset the tummy. Phew. I did come home with $1 more then I went with, so all good, plus I got to see Andy and catch up a little. I do very much enjoy helping out on the farm. Just a lot of fun watching people drop $100+ for a Christmas tree. Crazy people!!!

I also somehow got to be nephew John's keeper for 90 min or so on Friday. I somehow found myself getting him in his high chair for breakfast, got him to eat (starting a bad game to get him to eat some cereal), and got him out of his sleeping clothes and into his MS state bulldog shirt and overalls, plus I played with him for an hour or so. Brain was muttering something about a biological clock in the other room, however I have hearing like bat and busted him. I don't see him becoming a dad anytime soon and he is old and bald:)

Here's some picts from the weekend.
Betsy and John

Bob cutting his Christmas tree at the farm.
Betsy and Bec at the farm.

John and Jay.

Grandma Jane, Brian, and Kelly. Apparently Grandma Jane was caught with the rum:)

John in his lion Halloween costume.

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