Sunday, August 19, 2007

Olympic Distance Tri Sunday Aug 19th

Olympic distance triathlon at Fall Creek Falls State Park (0.9mi swim, 24.5 mi bike, 6.2 mi run)
All done!!
Major props to Bec for the fantastic photos!!

Lake was pretty clear and clean. I could see 10 ft or more. Some algae, but otherwise good. Crazy mass start, but I settled into a rhythm quick after fighting for position. I ended up just getting to the outside and I thought there were 40 folks ahead of me. I swam very well and was out of the water in 23:50 (no way it was a full 1500m). We had a "shoe area" as once you get out of the water, you can put on shoes and you have to run all uphill 400m to the transition area. Took me 4:36 once out of the water to run uphill and get on bike.

"Shoe area". Looks like I'm just catching my breath, but alas I have no clue what I was doing.

24.3mi bike, avg 21.0 (1:10:13). Rolling hills, nothing too bad, but a couple "slow" hills.

6.2 mile run. Felt good and had extra motivation as Bec said I was second in my age group after T2!!! So I worked it hard. There were only 16 people ahead of me after the ride (I counted riders after the turnaround). Ran first 2 miles in 15:36, much of it was downhill or flat. One guy in age group caught me and we ran side by side for a mile. He was ripped and I was afraid he'd drop me on the hills. At mile 2 he stopped at the water station (while I kept moving and grabbed the tiny cups they had) and I gained 20m, then up hill and I gained 10 more meters. I kept checking and he was gone. Ultimately I beat him by probably 3-4 min. Will have to check results online. One guy in my age group blew by me and he was gone. My left ankle was killing me at mile 3.5 or so all the way to the end. I stopped for a second to rub it it hurt so bad (left hammy cramped a little). Hurts right where it was sprained almost 3 years ago. Never healed properly. Anyway, last few miles were rolling and last 0.7 miles were basically uphill. Not steep, but hard. I held off this guy in a yellow shirt for like 4 miles (no clue what age group he was in), but only one guy passed me on the run!!! Last 4.2 miles in 34:30. Not speedy, but it was tough. Fortunately the run was almost all in the shade.
Final stretch!!

Just about there.
Final time: 2:28:47. Far exceeded goal from looking at previous times on this course!!!! Possibly a PR (personal record) in an Olympic distance race.
Ended up 18th out of 148 overall!! Two women beat me. Not cool.
See age group 30-34 male.

I ended up 3rd in age group out of a modest 12 guys in my age group. I won a long towel that has a hole for the headrest in your car. The towel is long enough for the whole seat so after a ride, etc. you don't scum up your seat.First placement in age group (top 3 that is) in an OLY race ever!!! Sweet!!

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