Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crit day

Today was the aforementioned criterium race. That is me in the blue shorts and the orange jersey. Nice course, HUGE field of 60 or so. It was super fast. My legs felt ok after the road race yesterday, but they didn't have much pop to them. After 4 min I was at the back of the field hanging on for dear life. I officially got dropped at 7:30 into a 40 min race. That stunk. At drop time, I avg'd 26mph. Really fast. I tried to catch on, but ended up slowing up and rode with 2 other guys for a while. We worked pretty well together taking pulls. Good time trial practice anyway. They weren't pulling us out of the race, but they did with 2 laps left. I'd recovered enough and was going to give it a go on the last lap, but I didn't get the chance. So 6 of us got pulled and we were basically dead last. Pace was very fast and I don't have that kind of speed yet.

One crash occurred in the lead group with 2 laps left. One stupid racer who always cuts people off on corners and rides dumb, blew a tire on a corner, flipped and it messed up the race. Our team leader (one of them), got caught up in it and rode up on the stupid riders wheel. Fortunately our guy didn't fall. All in all a good practice race for me. I sucked, but it was good for me. I did 14.3 miles at 23.4 mph in 36 min or so. Feel good and plan to run an hour later.

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